Excellence in Curriculum and Instruction.

Suburban Christian School trains the whole student spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. First and foremost is training students to love God and His Word. Without Salvation and a love for God’s Word, no one can achieve God’s will for their life. Beyond that essential truth we teach all subjects from a Biblical World-view and train students to think through real life situations through the lens of the Bible. Our teachers hold themselves and our students to high academic standards. To achieve this academic rigor both Bob Jones and Abeka curriculums are used. Students will leave Suburban Christian School well equipped both spiritually and academically for any college, trade or career they choose to pursue.


4 Years Old

Our K4 classroom cultivates a culture where learning is fun! Students learn Bible stories, letters, numbers, and arts and crafts. Students are encouraged to share, obey, try new things and be kind to others. K4 is a great platform to prepare children for Kindergarten.


5 Years Old

Kindergarten is an exciting time for kids! We strive to make their first year of school the best it can be. Students receive a well rounded education in Bible, reading, penmanship, numbers/math, social studies, and art. All K5 students learn how to write in cursive and memorize scripture. At the end of the school year K5 students participate in Kindergarten graduation where they show what they have learned throughout the year.


1st-6th Grade

Elementary students are instructed in the core subjects as well as Bible, music and art. They are taught each subject from a Biblical worldview. Teachers exemplify how to love God and His Word and apply it to your life. Students learn rigorous academics, how to think through problems and teamwork.


7th-12th Grade

Secondary classes will challenge students’ critical thinking skills while preparing them for college. They will learn to think through the lens of the Bible and understand why they believe what they believe. Higher level classes such as Precalculus and Physics set students up for success after graduation. Elective and dual credit classes are also available to students who would like to pursue higher level learning during the high school years.

High School Dual-Enrollment Opportunities

We offer six dual credit classes through three different accredited universities to students in grades 10-12. These classes provide students with the opportunity to earn college credit while they are still in high school. Dual credit classes equip students with the ability to pursue a degree of interest and get a head start on their college career.