Fine Arts

Fine Arts are a vital part of a well rounded education. They teach students how to present themselves and glorify God through their music and words. From preschoolers to seniors in high school there are opportunities for everyone to get involved in Fine Arts at Suburban.

Students in grades K4-12th learn basic music concepts, musical literacy, and performance etiquette. Senior High students may take it as an elective.
FABA (Fine Arts, Bible, Academics)
FABA Competition is available for 5th-12th grade students. Students prepare art, music, and speech presentations to compete against students in other Christian schools. The Fine Arts Showcase after competition allows students to present their pieces to family and friends.
Available for grades 5th-8th. Students can learn a new instrument or continue to develop skills in one they already know.
Piano Lessons
Students in 1st-12th grade can take 30 minute piano lessons during the school day based on availability.
Highschool Play
In the spring semester 10th-12th grade students can audition for the play. Those in the cast develop their speech and acting skills through the preparation and performance.
School Programs
There are various programs throughout the year including Veterans Day, Christmas, and Spring programs. Each program has elements of speech and music that students present.
Students take art class throughout the year. Senior High students may take it as an elective. 5th-12th grade students may participate in the annual SCS Art Show and enter their projects in FABA.

Art Class

Elementary students learn art concepts that correlate with what they are learning in their general classrooms. The class introduces students to cutting different shapes, perspective ideas, and color theory. Students are able to use a variety of art mediums including clay, watercolor paint, acrylic paint, chalk drawings, origami, building structures with toothpicks, and more that is constantly challenging them!

Middle School art class focuses on the elements and principles of design. Students learn about line, pattern, value, perspective, color, form, shape, texture, and space. They are also able to work with watercolor painting techniques, charcoal, acrylic paint, oil pastels, and sculpture.
High School art class focuses on fine-tuning the elements of art, drawing at different levels of perspective, color theory, painting, creating logos, and smoothing out details. Students collaborating with one another and use a mixed variety of art mediums. They also learn about art history from the the Neolithic period to the 1900’s and how to create digital art on Google SketchUp.

Music Class

The goal of music class to develop students musical abilities so they can worship and glorify God through music in their local church body.

Elementary students learn basic music concepts such as dynamics, rhythm, melody, beat, and tempo. They also develop the ability to identify note names, types of notes and rests and other items that appear on the musical scale. Upper elementary students learn to play the recorder and are introduced to different types of instruments. Music class also teaches performance etiquette which students are able to practice throughout the year during school programs.

Middle and High School choir builds on elementary foundations to develop students musical literacy and performance skills. Students learn how to read music and the 4 choral parts: soprano, alto, tenor, base. They are exposed to sacred, and classical music as well as music from other cultures. Performance etiquette continues to be refined as they perform in school programs throughout the year.